It is a silent Sunday afternoon. Quiet on the street. Quiet in the supermarket. So nice, I wish it would always be like that. When I get home I happily open my balcony door and start unpacking my shopping bag.

Drrrrrrrrrrrrr... Drrrrrrrrrrrrr....           Drrrrrrrrrrrr....


An electric device sends a piercing sound as a fire arrow through my house and pierces my eardrum. And everything in me goes on tilt.
From all sides the electric devices are daily drilling around me. Everything seems to have to work on electricity. Hedge trimmers, sweepers that clean the street, high pressure syringes hosing the walls, drilling machines, sawing machines and so on. If I use a device myself, I use it ' only for a moment '. But if others do it , it seems to last forever.

Very fast the possibilities run through my mind. I could trace who is the person, who got the misbegotten idea in his head to bother me with that device on my quiet Sunday afternoon. I could place a complaint in the next neighborhood newspaper. I could go somewhere else to escape the sound... and then:

All of a sudden comes the realization that my internal fight is so pointless. It was always already like that, that at this time of the day, this device would be heard. I only did not know yet. This device belongs to the plan of existence for this day. Maybe this sounds very psychedelic and isn't it 'true'. But it is a wonderful thought! It is a thought, which brings me acceptance. And I immediately calm down. The device is included by me, recognised by me, as belonging to this moment.

I see my rebellious mind, which wants to go against the current. Which has the arrogance to think, that things should have been as it would like. I see that I am against existence if I feel that something should have been different than it is. And that this cannot happen in the first place, that things would be different than they are.

I consider that whenever I go to India by plane, I never complain about the sound of the airplane engines. I quietly fall asleep with this sound. I rather would be worried if that sound would not be heard any more.

What a freedom, as I can be with what is... I don't thank yet the person, who used that Jackhammer. Even while he deserves it. But I get a price too!