Everything runs smoothly... Full of fire I work on my business. And with a couple of questions in my head I am walking from railway station 'Best' to my tax advisor Arno. I want to ask Arno three questions. The third question jumps up in my head and at the same moment my  foot turns. A pain shot goes through my leg and a little bit slower, but still walking quite fast, I reach Arno.

Resting my foot on a chair I ask my questions, meanwhile frantically massaging my ankle, which is swelling rapidly.


After an hour I resume the retreat to the station. Now it is almost impossible to unwind my foot while walking. Foot for foot I walk back with the heavy backpack with my computer on my back.

Then everything changes... I feel the warmth of the sun on my body. Very slowly I pass a tree and hear the rustling of the leaves in the wind. Next to me in the roadside, the grass is waving, with in between beautiful wild flowers in all colors. The birds are singing in various tonalities above my head in the branches of the tree.

There is almost no sense of time any more. It doesn't matter if I get the train or not. I have no appointment anyway, so I don't even have to catch the train. But previously even then I would have walked in a hurry .

A man comes from the other side of the pavement. I feel how shy I am when I approach him foot for foot. How should I look at him when I come closer to him so slowly? What will he think of me? I didn't know that I am so shy.

Suddenly it is so funny, that the whole world changes when I walk with such a different speed. And now it is not difficult any more to be conscious of the moment; I have to avoid all bumps in the road, search for plane areas to place my foot. Very consciously I have to put my foot on the entrance steps of the train and feel how to go out. Many eyes are focussed on me, so I am more aware of all meetings with people.

This continues at home... Someone comes to me for a face massage. On hands and knees I prepare the massage table, because now my foot does not support my weight any more. And I laugh because of it... Every moment is new.

I am grateful to my foot, which helps me to be conscious of all beautiful moments...  and of my unnecessary hurry...

Two days later the lid of the water cooker gets loose while I am pouring tea... boiling water runs over my little finger and ring finger... and then a new period of consciousness follows, because now I have to save my painful fingers... I get the taste of it ! Now everything becomes a challenge, instead of a painful limitation !

I don't say quite yet: on to the next !