OSHO® Evening Meeting



2 Sundays per Month: 18:30 - 20:30

For data: see agenda

Place: Kettingstraat 22, Eindhoven, Charge: € 8,00 per evening

The evening consists of several stages:

* In total dance you meet yourself

* in listening to Indian music and later to Osho you connect in a relaxed way with the witness in yourself

* in gibberish (nonsense sounds) you can say everything which you could never say

* then you are guided by Osho towards the deepest core of your being

* we end the evening with dance

photo listening


See: comprehensive information about all stages of the Evening Meeting

Spoken information about the evening meeting is given by Amrito (he was Osho's physician) in 3 Youtube movies: part 1, part 2, part 3

* * *

To bring along:

* yogamat or sleepingbag
           * meditation cussion (if you do not want to sit on a chair)

If you want to participate, send me an email at least 24 hours before.

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