Healing by Hypnosis


'Reminding Yourself the forgotten language of

talking to the Body - Mind'

created by the Mystic Osho


In this meditative therapy you use hypnosis, where you first reconnect with your body and mind; befriending them.

Then a healing process starts by communicating with the subconscious.

Osho says that this can be used for weight-control, to cope with migraines and all body pains or whatever in the body has gone out of its natural balance.

In our stressed society, in which for almost everything a kind of medicine exists, we often forget to listen to the language of our body.
If we have an headache for example, we take a pill; the headache disappears, but we did not listen, what was the message of our body by giving us the headache.
The signal gets lost and our body starts to find other ways to express itself, often by creating another symptom.
Sometimes, when the situation has become really bad, we start listening...

This meditation is a guided meditation.
Through my voice you start connecting with your subconsious. You also speak out the words, that Osho has given for this process:


"I want to come close and be your friend. I never thought about it, that you worked for me all those years and I have never thanked you. Is there anything I can do better for you in the future?"


And then you listen, look, feel, what is coming up...

So, with your attention you guide yourself inside.
Your unconscious has an enormous wisdom. You appeal to a part in yourself, that has created the symptom (a pain, an inconvenience, an annoying habit). And you ask that part, what is its message for you, which positive intention that part has for you.


Meanwhile you are just laying down on a mat in a relaxed position. The only thing you have to do is: to listen. To what the unconscious (wise) part in you is telling you. Sometimes the conscious in you does not hear anything. Sometimes you see images, or a colour. Sometimes it even looks like you are sleeping.
You can be confident that this process is working.

In a later stage you invite your creativity (everyone has creatity) to find new ways to fulfill your needs. So that you don't need the symptom (the pain, the inconvenience, the annoying habbit like smoking, eating too much) any more.
And your healing energy is invited to touch everything in you, what needs healing.

It's a process, that is very friendly for yourself. You make friends with yourself. That is something totally different from working out to lose weight or develop your muscles, dieting to be thinner or sports because 'it is good for you'.


If it would have been possible to consciously do anything to your complaint or to your annoying habit, you would have done it long before. But often unconscious stuff is going on, where we forgot to listen.


To your surprise, you will find that already at the progressing of the week you find yourself acting differently, caring for yourself in a better way, being friendlier for yourself. Your unconscious part feels heard and your creative part is at work to find new ways, that are unique for you.


* * *