enjoying the moment


I have worked so hard on my youtube videos, that the last few days I saw the days passing by, when I looked out of my window every now and then. I saw the sun rising and then at the end of the afternoon setting again. I wanted so badly to go out, but ... the finishing of the movies attracted harder!

And then the moment has come: the movies are ready, one afternoon at 16:00!
Very happy I take my bike out of the barn and cycle to the Genneper parken, a beautiful nature reserve in Eindhoven, only 5 minutes by bike from my home!

I am very tired of so much working and when I step off my bike I float a bit. I decide to walk very slowly. And it is truly beautiful! The cane plumes silvery-white in the radiant sunlight, birds with soft voices. My muffled footsteps on the sandy path full of autumn leaves.

That I am tired has an advantage: I don't need to walk so far and do everything slowed down. I breathe more slowly and connect with my feet, which gently touch the soft ground. Nice and warm wrapped in a warm scarf, a warm hat, soft gloves and a windproof jacket.

Then I go on an asphalt road, which runs through the nature reserve. And at the side of this road is a bench. right in the Sun. Overlooking the meadows opposite. Sun-drenched meadows. Clear blue sky. The Sun low on the horizon, it will set in about a half an hour. Too tired to walk I sit down on the bench. And I close my eyes. The warmth of the Sun lands on my face. When I open my eyes, I become blinded by the sunlight, so I close them again.

With my eyes closed I hear the steps of the people, who are walking on the asphalt road, slowly coming closer. With gentle bird sounds in the background. I can hear the people talk. Or if it's someone alone is, I hear him silently approaching. In the background the rustle of autumn leaves, when they fall down through the branches.

I get a lot of comments. Because many people, who are walking by, say something about how I am sitting there, in the sun. A man says: 'this is a sun bench ... '. I cannot open my eyes, because then I become blinded by the delicious sun. But I don't want to open my eyes either. It's so wonderful to be connected with one moment after the other ... Any moment new. The whizzing sound of the wheels of a bicycle, which is passing very quickly... My breath becomes faster then ... a bird sound from very far away ... and I relax again.

I understand Eckhart Tolle, that he spent two years, sitting on benches. Being in the moment... In the moment is everything! In the moment everything is fine too! How wonderful! This is more adventurous than any entertainment whatsoever!
I understand that Osho says: do nothing, every day for half an hour. Except when you are busy, then do nothing  every day for one hour...

As the sun is setting and it starts becoming cold, I thank my sun bench ... and slowly cycle home ...