Inner Child


"I wish that I could be myself" sighs a 65 year old woman. She is just retired. And: she has a big longing to be the child, she never has been able to be.
She acknowledges that her work and ambitions did not give her the satisfaction, she thought they would bring. And she is glad, that she can throw off the burden of her disciplined job. She is only looking forward to one thing, and that is: PLAYING!


Playing life... as a game. Like a child is playing; totally absorbed in what he is doing.

She would like to feel, how it is to be exuberant, not looking at anything but the moment. And courageously she subscribes for the 'Osho Born Again Meditation'.

7 evenings in a row: two hours per evening: 1 hour following all your impulses as a child and then 1 hour witnessing in silence, with closed eyes.

The participants are a little bit nervous and cannot imagine, that it just will happen: following their impulses. Because: what is it after all: 'following yourself'? What is it really: 'being yourself'?

This question has arisen in us, because we have been suppressed since childhood to follow that, which arises in our heart, to follow that, which bubbles up in our being.

We get to hear very young:

"are you sure about it?"
"would you not think one night more about it?"
"suppose it will be a failure"
"just do what you are good at"
"you have to learn it first"
"do it later, when you are grown up"
"you will spoil all costly materials and everything is already so expensive"
"people will find it crazy"
"what will the neighbours think of you?"
"you are already too big for this"
"you are too small for this"
"do your homework first"
"first tidy your room"
"take care, you will break your leg"

and so on... and so on...

It is not that the adults around you don't have good intentions. Of course they have to warn you for dangers.
But on the other side, you confront them as a child with a freedom, which they did not have or take themselves. And without noticing it they make it impossible for your too, to be yourself. Because otherwise it is too painful for them to see, that you are free and they are not.
They don't prevent your freedom consciously. It happens unconsciously. And it is good to feel compassion for it. But it is also good to realize, that you, for yourself, can attain freedom! And for this you are never too old!

All paricipants for the Born Again have entered now and have finished their tea, sitting in the cosy living room of  the belly dance studio.

The first bell rings: the process of this evening has started...

Now there is no talking any more. In this hour time exists no more... only the 'following of oneself'...
That also means that nothing has to be done. Everything is free. There is no program.

That is difficult for the mind. Because the mind wants instructions, wants to know what to do, what is right to do and what is not right.
But in this process nothing is right or wrong...

There are only cardboard boxes, big and small, to play with and pieces of cloth, which can also be torn in pieces.

There we go... Someone starts sitting in a big cardboard box. Someone else looks carefully at herself  in the big mirror, which covers an entire wall. Another woman dresses herself in a big bedsheet and some time later she is walking around with it like a queen.
And then, slowly slowly, sounds are arising: the shouting out of joy, a soft humming while pulling threads out of a piece of cloth, the screaming of a woman, who is chased by someone else, the soft crying of a man, who is hiding in a cardboard box.

The only thing, which is not allowed, is hurting each other or touching each other... In this way everyone has his or her own space. But playing together if it is happening is perfectly oke!

Every minute the creativity is growing. Cardboard boxes turn into cars or trains. A bit of fluff becomes a magical phenomenon, which you can blow in all directons...

We are totally absorbed in the moment, fascinated... and the next moment we surrender to boredom and just lying down and doing nothing.

All kind of emotions pass in us. Happiness about a new invention, joy in running and gliding on the wooden floor, sadness when feeling rejected, disappointment when a plan fails, loneliness when everybody is playing and you don't feel you can join...

When the bell rings again, the lights are dimmed and we all find a place in the room. We make ourselves comfortable and close our eyes. And in this relaxed position we witness everything, which is happening in us. Feelings, thoughts, sounds, the temperature of our body, restlessness, itching, silence, sleepiness, clarity...

After one hour the bell rings three times and we hear a beautiful quote of the Indian mystic Osho.  He has designed this beautiful process: this meditative therapy: the 'Osho Born Again', which works as a therapy, but is a meditation.

The one who facilitates this process (in this case it's me) just makes the process possible, but is not a therapist. She does not interfere anywhere. She herself also enters the born again process. With only one difference, that she keeps the overvieuw and takes care for everything remaining safe.
So it is an individual process of every single individual, without interference of a therapist or leader. A direct energetic process from oneself to oneself, bypassing the mind.

Every evening of these 7 consecutive evenings, a new part of the child in us reveals itself. We are suprised. Nothing exists like a character, nothing fixed exists in us. It is a dynamic process... Just like the water in a river, which is flowing, meets all kinds of things and is every moment diferent... Like this we are also every moment flowing and new and every moment different.

The child is the motor in us, which guides our life. Even when the child has been so repressed and civilized, the original child remains always present in us... and when it gets space, it flowers, it grows, it enjoys!

The woman, who would like to be herself, feels from within now, what this means. Not a concept, not something you can define or analyze... but a listening to what is bubbling up from within and trusting that, which is bubbling up.

She notices that her process continues outside the group room. In her daily life she knows again that she wants to buy a skirt of many colours, she follows again what she likes to eat, she feels that she loves to sit in a relaxed corner and does not have to be exuberant... She has found again the connection with the core of her being by this process, which is so simple and yet reaching so deep.


* * *

Welcome to the next Osho Born Again! This process is happening 2 times a year in Eindhoven, in the May holidays and in the Autumn holidays.

Your whole life will become more alive by doing this process! Life is a play!!! And you are free!

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