Meditation Insight


Proud I click: 'send email'. I am proud of what I have written. Satisfied I close my laptop.

Next day... An unfriendly reply... And later on a more unfriendly reply on top of it.

I realise that there is no point in further conversation. The sender of the unfriendly mails must have a reason for it. A reason I cannot see, but it must be there. How little do we know about each other.
This is what my mind is thinking. But my body stays restless.

Next morning: the Osho Dynamic Meditation. So honest my body ! In the catharsis in the second stage of the meditation I feel the body of the four year old in me. The four year old, who had a good idea, that was not understood.
I feel how the child is capitulated that time. But her small body comes to life... She stomps on the floor and skips around. Her small arms and legs are an extension of the good idea that is living inside her... It is a beautiful feeling, this child that is so alive. And the adult in me is seeing and understanding her.

How wonderful ! This frozen piece in the four year old, that was still inside me like an ice cube, has come to life ! Thanks to the writer of the unfriendly email ! I feel the meaning of the sentence: 'love your enemy'. Everyone who is my so called enemy, is actually in some way my friend, because he hits a part in me, which has not been solved yet.

I am delighted and feel refreshed when I dance the last stage of my meditation !