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A restlessness is going on inside me while I am sitting on my bicycle... I am aware of it and yet... For a while I am waiting for the red traffic light. On the large cross point near my home. For a while the traffic light is red for everybody. I know: my light will jump on green first. My restlessness gives me a nudge: come on, why not move already? Everyone is standing still...

So off I go...

A few seconds later, a police car appears at my side:
"on the pavement, you !"
Two young police officers, who  want to take action. So I immediately show my identity card. This is hot tempered photographed. And with the message that the fine will reach my house, they drive away with screeching siren. On to the next chore.

On the way home I think about what I could have done with those 90 euros.

The next day I obediently still for every red traffic light. Feeling myself a slave of the police, while I am standing there. Even when I know that it would be a mess without traffic rules.


Again a day later: something wonderful happens!
While I am standing still again for the red light I see so many things ! The birds are flying in the sunlight, the houses near the for me so known big cross point near mhy home I have never seen. Unknown facades and small sculpture works. The big tree which is standing between two roads is marvellous. And the people, who are running by the red light, are shaving past me. I see them going.

I enjoy it so much. I live!
I am not only in a hurry any more from point A to B, where I skip my life... Thanks to this red light I live like never before ! I am in the moment ! What a beautiful invention ! A real stop-meditation of existence !

I realise that I got a very cheap workshop. Mostly you pay more than 90 euros for such a thing !

At the next traffic light I hope that it will jump on red. So I can stand quiet again for a moment... feeling life...

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