Meditation: OSHO® Born Again

13 - 19 October 2018

picture modita in  osho born again meditation

In this Meditative Therapy:

You connect with your inner child

& discover the flow in your life

7 consecutive meditation evenings

19:30 - 21:30

* * *

Every evening 2 hours:

In the first hour you enter your childhood and do, what you always wanted to do.

In the second your we sit silently, as a child, relaxed.

Osho-Born-Again (dutch) video Osho Born Again

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picture osho born again meditation room

We only have cardboard boxes and pieces of cloth to play with.

You do every minute what you want to do, or don't want to do, in that moment:
running... sitting silently in a corner... screaming...stacking boxes..
.dressing up... tearing cloths

and then:

osho born again meditation

* you know what you like

* you start trusting yourself

* you feel wonder

* your have lust for life

* you notice, how creative you are, when nothing is asked from you

* life becomes a play

* time exists no more

* your thoughts stop by themselves

* you sleep good

* you dare to do new things

And then meditation is so easy..

modita in osho born again meditation

Do you want to join?

Do you want adventure in your life?

A fresh breeze?

You are most welcome!

rabbit with buddha as symbol osho born again meditation

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