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photo modita van zummeren, who facilitates osho born again meditation

For seven days, every day one hour: "Enter your childhood time and do, what you always wanted to do. Then: sit one hour still, as a child, relaxed."
Nothing is prohibited, except touching other people.

This are the simple instructions Osho gave us for the last process he designed and that he called "Born Again".
It is one of the three meditative therapies he designed. Mystic Rose and No-Mind are the other two.

modita in contact with her inner child

During the first hour we give the child in us permission to come out and follow its natural, spontaneous energy; every moment new, fesh and real. There is an open space to feel and express everything that is surfacing. There is no goal; only the 'now' exists for the child. The child acts from the smallest impulse and does not ask himself why. He just lets himself go in his nature of this moment.

So... we shake up and down, scream, laugh, run, dance, cry, roll around, roar, stare, babble, jump, lie down silently, suck our thumb, throw cushions, throw out our anger, sing, stare out of the window or do nothing at all...
It's an individual process, no interaction, but you can be inspired by each other.

Your thoughts have no chance any more to control, once you have discovered the freedom of being spontaneous from moment to moment. Then you are in meditation and the world becomes a play: leela.

It is a beautiful process, so simple and so strong. It brings you again in connection with the core inside you; the core of creativity, spontaneity, simplicity, being-real, enjoying small things.

Silently a space of wonder can unfold itself; your vieuw for the beauty of the world becomes more clear.
When you forget the whole world around you, a simple white paper tissue contains the whole universe or the sound of your own voice when it is the sharpest, is pure delight.

During the second hour the silence in the room is sometimes so profound and feels in a certain way very warm. While you are sitting in a comfortable way, the adventure continues - I am, just here...

modita in osho born again meditation

Osho about Born Again:

"When you know how to contact it, you are suddenly a child again;
the child is never lost,
because it is your life.
it stays;
it is not like this, that the child in you dies
and that you become a youngster and that the youngster dies
and then you become old: no!
layer after layer accumulates,
but the inner core remains the same,
the baby you were, when you were born,
is still there inside you;
many layers have accumulated around it-
when you penetrate these layers,
the child in you suddenly breaks out ;
this breaking out I have called 'ecstasy'"

Everybody longs for it but nobody is doing anything to regain it. Everybody longs for it ! People go on saying that childhood is a paradise and poets go on writing about the beauty of the childhood time. Who prevents you? Regain it ! Take this chance to regain it.

Poems wil not help and only remembering that it was a paradise does not bring you much. Why not again move in it? Why not be a child again?

I tell you that when you can be a child again, you will start growing in a new way. For the first time you will be really alive again. And at the moment you have the eyes of a child, the senses of a child - young, vibrant with life -, at that moment the whole life vibrates with you.

picture rabbit and buddha as symbol from connecting with your inner child

Remember: it is your vibration that needs transformation. The world is already always vibrating in ecstasy; only you are not attuned to it. The problem is not that of the world, it is that of you: you are not attuned to it. The world is always dancing, celebrating, every moment it is in celebration. The celebration goes on from eternity to eternity. Only you are not attuned to it. You have been separated from it and you are very serious, very clever, very adult. You are closed.

Drop this being closed ! Move again in the flow of life. When the storm is coming, the trees will dance; you also dance !
When the night falls and everything is dark, you are also dark. And in the morning, when the sun rises, let the sun rise in you too. Be as a child and enjoy, not thinking of the past.

A child never thinks of the past.
Really, he has no past to think about. A child is not worried about the future; he has no time-consciousness. He lives totally without worries. He moves in the moment, he never carries a hang-over. When he is angry, he is angry.

tea room osho born again meditation place

And in his anger he will tell to his mother: "I hate you." And these are not only words, this is a reality. Really, in that moment he is in total hate. The next moment he will come out of it and he will laugh and he will kiss his mother and he wil say: "I love you." There is no contradiction. These are two different moments. He was in total hate and now he is in total love. He moves as a river goes on moving, zigzag. But wherever he is - where the river is - he is total, flowing.

Be like a child during these days - total.

When you hate, hate. When you love, love. When you are angry, then be angry. And when you are in a festive mood, then be festive and dance. Don't carry anything of the past. Remain true to the moment. Don't hanker for the future. Drop time during these days. Drop time !

This is why I tell you not to be serious: the more serious you are, the more time-conscious you are. A child lives in eternity; for him there is not time. He is not even aware of time. These days will be a real meditation if you drop time. Live the moment and be true to the moment.

modita van zummeren playing in osho born again meditation

Be playful.

It will be difficult because you are so structured. You carry an armour around you and it is difficult to loosen it, to relax it. You cannot dance, you cannot sing, you cannot just jump, you cannot just scream and laugh and smile. Even when you want to smile you want there to be first something which you can laugh about. You cannot just laugh. There has to be a reason, only then you can laugh. There has to be a reason. Only then you can cry and weep.

Put aside your knowledge, put aside your seriousness. Be absolutely playful during these days. You don't have anything to loose. If you do not gain anything, you also will not loose anything. What can you loose by being playful? But I tell you: you will never be the same again.

My insistence on being playful is because of this: I want you to go back to the point where you stopped growing.
There has been a point in your childhood time at which you stopped growing and at which you started to be unreal.
You must have been angry, a small child with an attack of anger. , Angry, and your father or mother said: "don't be so angry ! This is not good !" You were natural, but a division was created and for you the choice was there: if you remained natural you would not have the love of your parents.

meditation room for osho born again meditation

In these days I want to throw you back to the point where you started to be 'good' against being natural.
Be playful, so that your childhood time will be regained. It will be difficult because you will have to drop all your masks, your faces; you will have to put aside your personality. But remember, the essence can only assert itself when your personality is not there, because your personality has become a prison. Put it aside.
It will be painful, but it is worth it because you will be reborn out of this. And no being reborn is possible without pain. Wenn you are really determined to be born again, take the risk.

 Osho, The First and Last Freedom

child and buddha as symbol connecting with your inner child

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