picture tiger on page osho dynamic meditation

OSHO® Dynamic Meditation

* rest in your head

* releasing emotions

* transforming negativity to positivity

* feeling energy in your body

* coming out of your depression with the Dynamic Meditation

* * *

almost every Sunday Morning (check agenda for data)

osho dynamische meditatie video osho dynamic meditation

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picture tiger on page osho dynamic meditation

this meditation deminishes:

* fears

* depression

* blocks in your body

* indecision

* lack of energy

* * *

Time Dynamic Meditaton on Sunday:

Sunday Morning (check agenda for data) 8:00 - 9:15

Dynamic Intensive:

In the week of 14 - 20 Oct you have the opportunity to do 7 Dynamics in a row. This will deepen your process.

In this week you can also join 1 day or a couple of days.

In this week the Dynamic meditation is on Sat and Sun: 8:00 - 9:15

On all other days (Mon - Fri): 9:00 - 10:15


dance studio Laetana, Hoogstraat 105A, Eindhoven

(opposite Albert Heijn is the parking place of the Aldi. De dance studio is in the right corner straigt opposite you when you enter the parking place)


€ 7,- per morning

Registration beforehand is not needed. The only risk, when you don't register, is that you find a closed door if something happens to me unexpectedly.

When you want to register: just send an > email <

picture tiger on page osho dynamic meditation

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loszittende kleding, klein handdoekje, flesje water

MLosse kleding, flesje water, handdoek en toiletspullen als je erna wilt douchen (op de derde verdieping zijn groepsdouches, apart voor dames en heren).