You’re standing on the brakes" sighed my psychiatrist during my final depression (which had already lasted two and a half years). I knew it was so, because I no longer wanted to live the life I was now leading: gray, without any connection with myself, seeing around me that everyone seemed to be alive except me.

You too can come out of your depression

After I came out of my final depression I felt a great longing to help other depressed people to get out of this agonizing situation. I developed the following guidance based on this, which has helped me to finally come out of my own depressions and which has already given many people back their lives:

The way out from depression takes time, patience and a good approach involving your body, your heart and your being.

The course I offer is based on the way I came out of my depressions myself and on my experience as a medical doctor.

8 weeks online course with personal guidance

The online course 'Beyond Depression with Consciousness' is a course of 8 weeks with many practical exercises and meditations that help you to come out of your depression with consciousness.

I guide this course by giving feedback, adjusting the exercises if necessary, sometimes inserting new exercises and (if desired) offering consultations.

Structure, self-love, contact with your emotions, finding your passion

The course helps you to find love for yourself, to start feeling your body and emotions again and to discover your passion. The course has already helped many people to come out of their depression.

This of course is also dependent on your own commitment and motivation.

In addition: a family constellation

In this process a family constellation is recommended, because a depression is often related to entanglements in your family system.

Live consultations in between

Many people prefer to have - besides the online course - a consultation with me every few weeks. This is possible online via Zoom or live at my home, keeping a distance from each other of 1,5 meters.

The fee is €65,00 for a consultation of one hour.

Basis: the book 'Depression, a Stepping-Stone towards Bliss'

The basis of the online course is my book 'Depression, a Stepping-Stone towards Bliss'.


Cost of the online course: €180,00
Cost of an individual consultation: €65,00
Cost of a family constellation: €75,00

Do you need more information?

When in doubt, don't hesitate to book a free consultation.

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"This course has given me back my life. I am so grateful. Your guidance is so careful, skillful and light." . - Anonymous