With family constellation - a way of working which is developed by Bert Hellinger - we see that somebody's suffering (a sickness, a relationship problem, depression, eating disorders and so on) is often part of something, that is much bigger than the person who is suffering. Depression can for example develop, because out of love we carry the destiny of someone in our family, who did not want to live any more. For example because that person wanted to follow somebody else in dying, also because of love. This all happens unconsciously. If you start seeing such an entanglement in your family system, it is possible to come out of the identification with that other familymember.

The (re)discovery of my brother

When you participate in a family constallions day or -weekend you can choose to be someone to put up a constellation about your personal theme or to be a participant in the constellations of someone else. You can also be a specator.

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Who did you need to be for your mom and why?

A beautiful and clear article of Jack Blackwell, a family constellator in the States.

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A chapter of my book: 'Depression, a Stepping-stone towards Bliss'


The Right Attitude from the Child toward the Parent

The solution of your problem is directly related with how much distance you can take from your mother; with how much distance you can take from your parents.


Healing Psychosis with Family Constellations

The Truth heals the Delusion