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I have experienced that the biggest stumbling blocks in my life finally had to do with my entanglements in my family system.

Your problem is interwoven with your family system

In family constellations we see that something that troubles someone (a disease, a relationship problem, depression, eating problems etc) often has to do with an entanglement within the family system and therefore is much bigger than the person who suffers from the problems mentioned above.

Underneath your problem is love

A persisting problem is often rooted in something we carry for a family member who has not been recognized or was shut out. Sometimes we don’t even know anything about this family member.

Having ended up in a wrong role

Your problem can also have to do with the fact that you have occupied a wrong position in the family order: for example, that you started to take care (emotionally) of one of your parents instead of receiving from them as their child, and now as an adult you cannot pass on what you have not received.

Healing beyond the mind

With a family constellation you can start a healing movement by getting insight into the family system. This is a process beyond the mind. It is the work of the soul.

A good relationship with your mother

The most fundamental thing in our lives is a good relationship with our mother (whether she is still alive or not is irrelevant). Whoever has a good relationship with their mother is radiant, has money, can maintain relationships and is happy. This is not something you can establish from one moment to the next. It is a lifelong process, which you can initiate by a family constellation.

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15, 16 and November 17, 2019 I attended a family constellations weekend. I was not so aware that it also was a weekend in silence (although I had been told), but I knew that several forms of meditations were used before and after the family constellations. I had spoken to Modita before during a comprehensive intake interview. The guidance and the progress of the weekend were carefully carried out by her. The way the weekend was organized, the silence and the meditations had the effect that I was focussed in the right way on what I wanted to work on. It was hard work, it has given me much more than I had expected beforehand. The weekend was very emotional, focussed, with enough moments to rest and to be in nature and contemplating what had happened. Highly recommended for people who really want to work on something. I already give trainings to others my whole life, so I look quite critically. My compliments Modita, I definitely recommend it to others. - Mart