OSHO® Dynamic Meditation

This meditation breaks through energy blocks, frees you from tensions and gives you your vitality back. Only after expressing everything inside can you experience the real silence inside yourself.

less restlessness

depression disappears

less fear

more energy

Meditation Weekends in Silence

On a Meditation Weekend you will again experience the silence within through being alone with yourself and by expressing your emotions in the morning meditation. Every day we do three or four meditations (of one hour) together. In between you will be in Nature for hours, supported by texts from Osho.

fewer thoughts

connection with your body

good sleep

enjoying more

Meditation Courses

The meditation course consists of eight Monday evenings. Every evening we do two Osho meditations: a short meditation of half an hour, and after the teabreak a meditation of one hour. The short meditation will be the daily exercise for every day of the coming week: a few minutes per day. In this way we integrate meditation into our daily life.

fewer thoughts

connection with your body

good sleep

enjoying more

OSHO® Mystic Rose

The OSHO® Mystic Rose consists of 1 week of laughing for 3 hours a day, 1 week of crying for 3 hours a day and 1 week of 3 hours witnessing in silence. The Mystic Rose evenings are a miniature version of this; 35 minutes of laughing, 35 minutes of crying and 35 minutes of silence in 1 evening. The laughter breaks through everything which hinders our ecstasy. The crying frees us from all unshed tears. After this you are so clean that you can witness what IS without any effort, and the rose of your being starts blossoming inside your heart.

depression disappears

more vitality

relief from pain

living more intensely

OSHO® Born Again

The OSHO® Born Again is a process of 7 consecutive evenings, 2 hours per evening. In the first hour you enter your childhood and do whatever you always wanted to do. In the second hour you sit silently, as a child, relaxed, and witness everything that is happening. You connect again with your inner child, which is the motor of your life and of your creativity. The child is always in the NOW, in a state of meditation. Through this process your meditation will become easier.

life becomes playful

more creativity


silence in yourself

OSHO® Talking to the body-mind

If you had been able to do something about your symptom/complaint, you would have done it long ago. The cause of most of our complaints is hidden in the subconscious. You can reach the subconscious through self-hypnosis. It's a process of befriending your body. From this space healing happens.

healing symptoms

befriending yourself

understanding sickness

healthy from within

Laughing meditation for Groups

When you laugh, your thoughts disappear. You flow with existence and you are free. Following laughter you will experience such an innocent, deep silence. This laughing meditation is preceded by a joyous sufi dance: if you dance and laugh at the same time, you cannot think, so you are in meditation. In this dance you have a warm, real connection with the others of the group.



deeper silence

connection in joy