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Self Hypnosis: Healing from the subconscious

As a doctor I already suspected that there must be a way of healing which consists of making contact with our own wisdom, hidden deep within us. I did not find it in the medical world, but received it from the Indian mystic Osho. He developed the process (originally from Tibet) called: "Reminding yourself of the forgotten language of talking to the body-mind'.

This process contributes to the healing of among other things chronic diseases, pain and addictions

It is a process of 7 consecutive days, 45 minutes per day. The first evening is 1.5 hours (which includes explanation of the process) at my home. For the rest of the 6 days you do the process by yourself with the help of a spoken text you receive from me.

Maybe you have already tried many things to relieve your chronic disease, pain or debilitating habit (for example smoking or an eating problem).

Why didn't it work?

Because the cause is in your subconscious, where your wisdom is also seated.

As a baby you still knew how to be connected to this subconscious, but your education (the rules of society you had to learn) has made you forget how to listen to it.

In this self- hypnosis process, you reconnect with the wisdom of your subconscious and with the creativity which is inside of you in order to find new solutions to fulfil your needs.

Practical information:

Location of the first evening: Onine via Zoom, or live at my home at Kettingstraat 22 in Eindhoven (1st floor), keeping a distance from each other of 1,5 meters.
The date of the first evening: we choose together
Cost: €65,00 (including spoken text)

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I was running into overstrain when I started the process. During the self-hypnosis week I found myself doing things in another way: sometimes I looked up from my work and leaned back in my chair, I did only one thing at a time and if I did not I corrected myself very quickly, I looked at no more TV before going to sleep and slept much deeper. I still did as much work as before, but it was in a much more relaxed way. All these things I didn't plan before. But every day something new popped up, what I suddenly did for myself in a very friendly way. I noticed how wise my subconscious is, and that I only have to listen to it. My trust in myself has improved a lot in this way. - Modita