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Japanese Therapeutic Face Massage

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Meditation does not have a goal. It is about enjoying the meditation itself, being in the moment, here-and-now.

I offer you beautiful meditations of Osho. When you feel like experiencing them, there are several possibilities:

(for all meditations subscription before is necessary)


softlotus * the meditation of the month: every month I put on this website a meditation technique from Osho, which you can integrate in your daily life

* a lecture for free about the importance of the active Osho Meditations and the meditative therapies of Osho

* the osho mystic rose meditation: a meditative therapy of 21 consecutive evenings in the summer hollidays of 2016

* a meditation consultation for free: in this consultation we look together which meditation suits you best when you are struggling with for example stress, depression, fear, eating problems or too many thoughts

* the japanese therapeutic facemassage: this is a very refined japanese technique, which rejuvenates the face and gives a very deep relaxation

* the osho dynamic meditation on saturday- and sunday morning: You can release negative emotions, issues that you are digesting become integrated, you access new life energy and start your day 'clean' ! And... you experience what meditation is.

* Osho meditation courses. Welcome to the autumn- of winter course in Aquamarijn.

* Osho Born Again Meditation. This is a beautiful process of 7 consecutive evenings in the autumn hollidays, where you come in contact again with the original energy of the child in you.

* the laughing meditation for groups (when you want to organise a laughing meditation for colleagues, friends or your family members)

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