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starting in May 2019

With family constellations - a way of working which is developed by Bert Hellinger - we see that somebody's suffering (a sickness, a relationship problem, depression, eating disorders and so on) is often part of something, that is much bigger than the person who is suffering.

Depression can for example develop, because out of love we carry the destiny of someone in our family, who did not want to live any more. For example because that person wanted to follow somebody else in dying, also because of love. This all happens unconsciously.
If you start seeing such an entanglement in your family system, it is possible to come out of the identification with that other familymember.
If the family member, with whom you were identified, is acknowledged and honoured, you will feel harmony and you start feeling that this person starts giving you strenght and support. Now you are free to live your own life and you are no longer confined by patterns, which are not yours.

The identification is an unconscious happening; when someone of the family system is not acknowledged or valued, someone from a later generation takes over his roll, to take care that this person still will be seen.
It seems that there is an invisible 'law' in life, that everyone has an equal value and significance and that everyone has the right to be visible.
This is not a theory in itself. It is what shows experimentally in the family constellations.

When everyone can be visible in the family system, also from previous generations, when there is a balance between partners between giving and taking, and when the family members relate to each other in the right sequence (first the eldest, then the one who is born second and so on) then harmony and relaxation will happen and you can turn around safely to live your own life, supported by the nourishment of your parents.

Before you do a family constellation, you don't have to know with which family member you are identified or where you started to take over a roll that is not yours. You cannot know that, because it all happens unconsciously. It becomes conscious by what you see happening before your eyes in the constellation. The seeing in itself is healing, because it gives you an understanding of the situation of you and your family members.
One constellation is often enough. You take in the picture of 'the solution' that you see - the constellation in which all family members feel a harmony - and this picture works in you for years. Hellinger says: "The soul works slowly"; it is a process which takes time. You do not think about it any more. The new insight starts living its own life.

Why do I facilitate the constellations only from May 2019?

Because this is important and deep work, I want to have as much deepening as possible, before facilitating constellations.

In 2017 - 2018 I have completed the family constellation training with Svagito Liebermeister in Sweden and in Spain.

From May 2018 - March 2019 I will do another training in Amsterdam.

When I have completed this training in March 2019 I will start organizing family constellations days in Eindhoven. These days will be combined with active Osho meditations, because integration happens in meditation.



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