Feedback from Participants of the

Osho Mystic Rose, Summer 2016:

When I heard of the Osho Mystic Rose I knew intuitively right away: this is for me!

When it started to become concrete, I have shortly doubted: so intensive, so long, do I want this, can I do this? But I also knew: this is so unique, this offer in my own region, and with the guidance of Modita, I should not miss this opportunity.
I knew Modita already from an earlier meditation process and I had complete confidence in her integrity and wisdom.

I have not regretted that I have entered this process. It was a unique experience. The first week laughing shamelessly loud and the second week crying unembarrassed. Beyond embarrassment and noticing that this is possible and allowed. I've never laughed so much as there and I have never cried as there.
Again and again out of my comfort zone and then finding comfort exactly in that process, which you also see the others going through. It was at the same time exciting, relaxing and liberating. The contact with the other participants was loving and respectful.

The process took a lot of energy. I was regularly tired during the day and not much came out of my hands. Modita had warned us for this and it proved to be true.

The last seven evenings, the "watcher on the hill", were still meditation evenings. Not doing anything at all. Just sitting and watching whatsoever is happening. With that wonderful advice of Osho: "let thoughts just settle themselves". And that it also works!

The total was a unique and precious experience, not at least by the guidance of Modita, who was always there, watching over us and being available for all the questions. I felt surrounded by love and care.
Looking back, the feeling that prevails is a feeling of gratitude for that the Mystic Rose came on my path.


* * *

21 evenings?

Months before I was the first person, subscribing for the first Mystic Rose in Eindhoven!
It was exciting, whether enough people would sign up. And Yes, we were 4 people!
Thank goodness, I looked forward to it.

It seemed very very long: 21 evenings in a row, but I did not experience it like that. I found it long enough to get into the depth. It turned out to be a beautiful intense period, a beautiful process.

I am happy to have done this. It worked liberating, something I can recommend!

Modita is participating herself, which is very stimulating. There is space for everything, which is coming up; that's different for everyone.

The crying week for example does not consist only of crying, but there is also silence, witnessing, for whatsoever is coming up (frustratrion or anger).

I have experienced it as a very safe and beautiful process and I would do it again immediately!

Thank you Modita!!

* * *