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Freeing Yourself


Many people (maybe all of them) experience stress in their head. A hurry from one thing to the other. Not being able any more to choose from the multitude of offers that are whizzing around them. Moreover we come from a society with the motto: 'you only live once'... and the pursuit of happiness is driving everyone even further on...

And then others will say: "you have to do yoga, you have to meditate, do mindfulness, work out, relax !, go to the sauna, eat healthy" ... and so on...
Not that all these things cannot be good, but if you do these things from this point of view, they contribute to the stress you already have.

Meditation is 'being with what is'. Hearing the sounds; birds, but also the traffic / music and also the sound of the heating. Tasting what you are eating. Feeling what you are feeling.
And yet: why is this often impossible?

Because we encounter barriers. Layers which we have built around us in the course of our lives. We have suppressed our joy, our ecstacy. Because they were not received when we were young ("be quiet, isn't it better to do your homework? if you laugh to much you will cry soon..."). We have suppressed our pain and our tears too. Our anger as well. Also those emotions were not welcome. ("Be brave, carry on, be a man, don't be a sissy" and so on was the motto...). So: much emotional armor around us. And then we want to go in with our attention, we want to feel our BEING, or silence, truth, nature, restfulness... impossible ! All this emotional armor is in between.

It is the recognition of this fact, which made me so delighted when I came in touch with the meditation techniques of the Indian Mystic Osho. He acknowledged all these repressions. He acknowledged that man, in particular the Western man, (but nowadays the whole world, because the whole world 'westernises') is suffering from all this ballast of suppression of the emotions. This suppression is not part of the original nature of man. It is of life importance to free ourselves from them.

In the meditation techniques from Osho and his meditative therapies as 'the Osho Mystic Rose' and 'Osho Born Again' you go through all those layers, which don't belong to you. By this you reach your being in a natural way. You reach the one you really are; the one you have always been. Only then you can really BE. Only then you can really see, without the scales that cover your eyes and prevent you from seeing the beauty of everything around you. Only then you can really hear what the other is saying, because you are not longer afraid to hear things which touch your pain points. Only then you can really dance, sing, be crazy, play...

That's why I decided to focus my being a docter on offering Osho Meditations and facilitating the Meditative Therapies of Osho.

When you want to free yourself from ballast then the daily meditation: 'the Osho Dynamic Meditation' is the best you can give to yourself !

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