buddha met stethoscoop is meditatie als medicijn

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Japanese Therapeutic Face Massage

See also the website: Beyond Depression with Meditation


Which Meditation appeals to you?

* > meditation course <: 2 new meditations per evening

* > meditation retreat <: 7 days or 21 days

* > dynamic meditation <: from negativity to positivity

* > japanese therapeutic face massage <: deep relaxation

* > zen coaching <: individual guidance

* > mystic rose meditation <: laughter, crying, silence

* > born again meditation <: connection with your inner child

* > therapeutic hypnosis <: treats psychosomatic diseases

* > workshops: 'connecting with yourself and the other' on Sat Afternoons

* > meditation of the month <: meditation exercise

* > meditation blog <: inspiration for meditation

* > meditation video's <: these are in dutch

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  • boeddha

    What is meditation? You can only experience what meditation is. In a meditation course, with 2 new meditations per evening. In a meditation retreat of 7 or 21 days. Or on Sunday with the dynamic meditation. You can also book a meditation consultation to get more clarity about which meditation suits you. Thehypnosis meditation can help you in your physical symptoms, eating problems or stop smoking. Themeditation of the month and the meditation blog give you inspiration. You can subscribe for the meditation newsletter, which shows you all meditations which happen this month. In the japanese therapeutic face massage you will enter a state of meditation, by relaxing very deep.

    modita van zummeren

    Modita van Zummeren is a medical doctor and has a lot of experience in guidance in the field of depression, eating problems, fear, psychosomatic symptoms and burnout. Since 1995 she has been guiding hundreds of people in meditation.