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Japanese Therapeutic Facemassage



The traditional Japanese Facemassage is a very advanced form of Japanese facemassage.

It treats the superficial and deep tissues and the acupuncture points and meridians of the face with very refined, subtle manipulation techniques of the hand.

The massage carries off stress and traumas hidden deep in the muscles and the energy of face, head and neck, resulting in a very deep relaxation.

The japanese facemassage can lead to a more smooth, solid and radiant skin by:

* minimalising sagging of the skin and minimalising wrinkles;

In the same way sport strengthens the muscles of the body and gives them tonus, the Japanese facemassage strengthens the vigour and tonus of the muscles of the face to prevent sagging and wrinkles of the skin.

* enhancing a radiant skin;

The japanese facemassage stimulates the blood flow of the skin and optimizes cell renewal.
The massage ensures that the capillaries can deliver nutrients more efficiently to the surface of the skin. In that way visible phenomena of aging can be slowed down.

* carrying off waste and impurities;

Japanese facemassage increases the temperature of the skin.
Thereby it carries off toxins and deeply stored waste, which cannot be reached by face purifying lotions.
Under the skin surface the massage accelerates the lymphatic system, that carries away bacteria and toxins of the cells.

* normalizing of the fluid balance of the skin;

Japanese facemassage promotes the capacity of the skin to keep its moistness by creating a barrier against evaporation.

* reducing stress;

The muscles in our face cramp when we experience stress.
90% of all our tension we hold on in our face, because it is our face that we show to the outside world.
This tension can lead to headache, tension in the eyes, pain in the jaw and neck.
Japanese facemassage relaxes the muscles, reduces tension and helps you to feel mentally refreshed. The reduction of the tension of the face muscles has an influence on the whole body; the whole body relaxes.

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