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  Meditation of the month February:

attitude of yes

'Yes' is the heartbeat of life

Meditation is not an effort, that your chemistry which is ready to say 'no', should say 'yes'. Meditation simply ignores mind. It bypasses mind; it reaches beyond mind, and once it is beyond, it has a far superior power. And in that space beyond mind, pain has never entered.
Bliss is simply the very atmosphere beyond the mind. Once a person has touched something beyond, he has a new power. He can say yes, although his body chemistry is saying no. The body is a servant. Just wake up your master, and the body is a servant, the mind is a servant. And once the master is there - and the master is never negative, that is beyond its nature.

It is intrinsic to your being to be creative. You are coming from the universal creativity, you are born out of it. You are part of it, you are still connected with it. You cannot live a single second without the connection.

'Yes' can be said, and the mind with all its chemistry will remain silent. Before the master, it has no power. All that power was derived from the master. But the master was asleep; now the master is awake and is not ready to give anything to destructiveness, to death.

'No' represents death. 'Yes' is the heartbeat of life. So I am not saying that your mind has to say yes. No, I am saying you have to go beyond the no-saying mind. And once you have gone beyond, it is not a question of saying yes - you are yes. Your very being is nothing but a totality of acceptance, with gratitude.

I don't want you to interfere in the mind. That's what I have been teaching for thirty years continuously: don't interfere. Just be a witness, far above. To interfere, you have to be there - not far away, you have to be within the mind to interfere, to fight. Neither is fight needed, nor is interference needed. All that is needed is an aloofness. You are on the sunlit peak. The mind is in the dark valley. And because of your superior powers, the mind automatically follows you. You need not even give an order. It understands your new state of awakening. You can say yes, but you will have to go into meditation. Throught mind, you can force yes, but it will be superficial, hypocritical, forced. Underneath, there will be 'no' - vital, stronger, and soon it will throw away your yes.
Let the yes come from above, from a greater, bigger source of energy. The mind will automatically follow, and when mind follows on its own, there is a beauty and there is a grace. When mind says, out of its own understanding - because the master is awake, and now the mind cannot go on behaving in the old ways. When the mind, out of understanding says yes, there is beauty.

Osho, Sermons in Stones #25 24 Dec 1986

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