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Saturday 26 September 2015:

'Meditation the best medicine'






Modita van Zummeren (1962) lived in the last twenty years
alternately in Eindhoven and India. Now she is facilitating Osho-meditations.

by Annelies van der Woude

Modita grew up as Marij(ke) in a teachers family in Bergeijk. She knew for sure that she did not want to teach, but after several detours she still became a teacher: a teacher in meditation. "It seems to be in the genes", she says laughingly, with eyes like half moons.

Don't expect to be only sitting silently or lying down silently on a mat in her meditation courses and -workshops. On the contrary: here also abundant laughter, dancing, screaming and other expressions of emontions are happening.

"My biology teacher in the high school told about the fertilization of the egg and the miracle of the fusion; about new life. He said: "we can describe whatever we want, but thìs remains a mystery". That kept following me. I also had a strong feeling that I had to do very basic work. To become a medical docter seemed to me the best choice."

She started studying medicine in Utrecht, a very technical oriented training.
"We did not study the body as a whole, but as separate parts. This was in conflict with the mystery, my biology teacher had told me about. I missed subjects like psychology, ethic and philosophy and attention for the social part: how do you relate as a docter with your patients? In my study time I often missed an open attitude of docters for things that differed from the regular medicine. I felt  this as a pitty, as my opinion was that the regular medicine and alternative approaches should strengthen and complement each other."

Out of this longing she went on search. This started with buying a book from Bhagwan, a mystic from India. "I knew Bhagwan as 'the man who possessed 93 Rolls Royces', but my prejudices changed. I underlined almost every sentence." She did the gestalt therapy and -body work training. In the years after that she came in touch with texts of Osho at several times, which touched her deeply. "When I noticed that Osho and Bhagwan were one and the same person, I wanted to experience all of him. I wanted to go to India." She cancelled the job she had at that time as a teacher for nurses. She followed a big number of Osho-meditation trainings and -workshops; things she had missed in her medical study. For twenty years she returned again and again to the Osho Meditation Resort in Poona, India. In Eindhoven she worked between her India visits as a company docter, a school docter, at the blood bank and as a docter for people with dementia in nursing homes.

In 1995 she got her new name Modita (Joy). "There are people who still call me Marij. Everyone is free in this. I am a discipel of Osho, but I do not adore him and I do not take for granted what he says, without first experiencing it myself. He encourages people to go their own way. You can learn from him, but finally you have to find your own truth."

Thanks in part to a career training it became clear to her, that there is really a teacher hidden in her. "But I like to share, rather than that I teach. As a human being and as a docter, I see meditation, in particular Osho Meditations, as the most healing and welfare promoting medicine."

Modita facilitates the meditations among other things in expat-center 'the Hub' in Eindhoven, because she feels connected to expats. "In the past years I have often felt an expat, moving between the Netherlands and India."



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