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The Most Beautiful Summer Hollidays of your Life !


Article in magazine 'de Koorddanser' May '16

January 1995. For the first time I am in the 'Osho Meditation Resort' in Poona, India. Hundreds of people in maroon robes from everywhere in the world are dancing, singing, meditating, swimming and enjoying the marvelous food over there.

Everything is new for me. Except the habit to look at the eyes of people, to see if they are shining. By their eyes I see if they are really alive.

I am deeply impressed, when I discover the eyes of people, who wear a button with a printed picture of a rose. It is as if I am looking into a deep, silent lake, pure, clear, with an immense depth. It does not leave me any more...
I am told that those people are doing the Osho Mystic Rose; a meditative therapy, created by the Indian Mystic Osho. I don't ask any further. Because of these eyes I want to do the process and register for this meditative therapy, which will last for 21 days: 1 week 3,5 hours laughter, 1 week 3,5 hours crying and 1 week three hours a day silent witnessing.

In the explanation I hear the philosophy behind it. We almost cannot meditate and go inside with our attention, because we come across all kinds of layers, which prevent this. The layer of everything, which has blocked our ecstasy (laughter) and the layer of everything, which covers our wounds (crying). These layers prevent us to be with our BEING, to connect with our essence. Laughter and crying for three hours a day are needed, to break a dam in us.

First week: the week of Laughter

With 120 people we appear in a big group room. After a short explanation about laughter without any reason, we shout three times 'yahoo', jumping happily in the air and we start laughing. It is a colorful mixture of sounds. The fake-laugh of the first start, the exuberant laughter when the spontaneous laughter arises out of nowhere, laughter because I suddenly see a so cute chinese face behind all 120 other people, laughter because I remember a funny incident or just laughter about something that should be seen as sad...
Time exists no more, because we had to leave our watches behind.
From the level of the water in the two waterbottles I brought ( fuel for the laughter) I see sneaking a little bit, how the time is progressing...
Muscle pain in my jaws. It is so funny. It doesn't matter which work somebody is doing, where he comes from or what is his age...there is only our laughter.

On the seventh day three hours laughing are not enough any more. In the lunch break I am lying on my back on a small table under a tree, laughing loud. Out of pure delight; the green of the tree, my body, which is so alive, the humor of everyday life and... the way a fly moves its legs when it is walking over the table. Slowly slowly people are gathering around me, who join the laughter, more and more... for no reason at all ! until long after the lunch is over... so nice that this is also possible outside the grouproom !
In this week there is no crying. Osho has separated laughter and crying in this process. If you feel the tendency to cry, you have to turn it into laughter.

And it is true: during the week of laughter we automatically come closer to our tears ...

Second week: the week of Crying

Day 8: the pink bedsheets of the matresses have been changed into staid blue. Everyone has a bedsheet to cover himself. A box of tissues next to the blue pillow. Silently everyone enters. We have opened ourselves for our pain, our wounds, the tears we did not cry, but also the tears of gratefulness and being touched.

A little bit uneasy and silent we sit down on our matresses.After a short invitation to open ourselves for our pain, we quietly say three times 'yaboo' and we lie down and start making soft crying sounds to help ourselves to cry. In some corners it is silent. Others start crying silently. And soon the space is filled with sadness and pain. Some people can cry easily, another is struggling with his inhibitions. Sometimes there is sad music for a while.

Slowly slowly I drop my resistance to cry in the presence of others. Still protecting myself carefully with my bedsheet, not to be seen. Things come up, of which I had never known that they had been so painful for me as a child. The loss of a primary school friend. Something scary in the baby stroller. I feel a deep recognition of something very deep inside me. What I am feeling feels so true. More true than any theories I ever made in my life about myself and my past. It feels as more true than the analysis of any psychotherapist ever.
This is something which is só direct; a direct connection from myself to myself.

There is nobody, who tells me to stop crying. There is no-one who consoles me, to take away my sadness. And at the same time there is so much consolation: the presence of all others around me, who also took the courage to bring to the daylight everything, which is burried most inside of us. And to heal in this way.
When I cry about something and someone else is also crying, it feels like the other is crying with me about my sorrow. And this is healing. How many times I have been crying alone and felt lonely at it. And now: we are doing it together. Even when everyone is lies apart from each other on his own matress, with a space in between.

At the end of the last hour crying on the last crying day, I feel a gentle hand on my shoulder. I look up and somebody is standing in front of me with the most beautiful rose I ever saw. I cry. Out of a deep being touched and out of gratefulness. This rose is the recognition of all tears I have cried and of all joy have expressed in the laughter. It is the recognition of the rose, I carry in my heart, which has opened its petals. By the laughter and crying the beautiful fragrance of my rose is released. And I see my tears reflected in the small drops of water on the deep red petals, which shine towards me like pearls.
We hug each other with the rose in our hand.

Third week: Witnessing in Silence

Grateful we enter the third stage: 'the watcher on the hill'. The stage of witnessing. With closed eyes we sit three quarters of an hour in silence on our meditation cushion, watching everything which is happening inside us; remnants of sadness, waves of anger, thoughts, serene silence, a tendency to laugh... Second after second all of this is changing.
After three quarters of an hour there is an opportunity to dance in a soft way, standing on our spot, so we keep focussed on oursleves and we can move our body at the same time. And then again we sit for 45 minutes. In this way (sitting, followed by 15 minutes of dance) we complete our three hours of witnessing.
When I open my eyes after three hours and leave the grouproom, it is a magnificient experience. The nature touches me straight in my heart. So pure, such tremendously beautiful colors. Everything is surrounded by silence. It feels like a haze, which was always before my eyes, has suddenly disappeared.Or as if my glasses, which were always fogged, have been cleaned. My walking is like a dance and I hug my friends. Friends, which I had avoided during the crying stage, because I felt so vulnerable. I feel a tremendous joy. A celebration of life, in myself and with others.
I look in the morror and: I see mystic rose eyes! The eyes I was longing for, when I saw all those people with their mystic-rose button !

3 days later I open myself for a new name. This is voluntary; I don't have to change it. It is out of gratitude and a longing to connect with Osho, who has developed this beautiful meditative therapy and so many other meditations. And out of a longing to connect myself for my whole life with meditation. My name was Marij(ke) and becomes Modita, which means: 'delight'.

In the following years I do the Osho Mystic Rose 10 more times. One time alone. This is also possible, but not to be recommended for the first time. I follow the Mystic Rose training in Poona, to be able to facilitate this beautiful process.

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