Osho about the Mystic Rose:

“This is absolutely my meditation. You will be surprised, that no meditation can give you as much as this small strategy.

In the laughing week you break through everything, which stands in your way to laugh. All inhibitions of humanity, all suppressions, the laughter takes them all away. It creates a new space in you.

But you have to go a few steps more, to reach the tempel of your 'being',because you have suppressed so much sadness, so much despair, so much anxiety, so many tears. They are all there, covering you, spoiling your beauty, your grace, your joy.
So for seven days, allow yourself to cry for no reason at all. The tears are ready to come. You are withholding them. Just don't withhold them.

Finally there is the third part: witnessing. Be the one who witnesses from the top of the hill. After all, after the laughter and the tears, there is only the witnessing silence."

* * *

Osho introduces the Mystic Rose


Your heart is the soil
Your trust is the climate
And your being is the mystic rose -
It’s opening, blossoming, releasing its fragrance.

The mystic rose is just a symbol of the man
whose being is dormant no more,
is asleep no more, but is fully awake
and has opening all its petals and has
become sensitive to all that is truthful, beautiful, good -
the very splendor of existence...

* * *

Modita about the Mystic Rose:


I almost cannot describe in words, what the mystic rose has given me. Because it opens something in you, which has nothing to do with words.

I have become more real, I have come in contact with something in me, which is pure. I feel confirmed in what it is really about: something, which has nothing to do with achievements, studies, ambitions or whatever.

I have felt my real happiness. I am laughing much more, about everything around me. I see something funny in so many small things.

I have felt what has really made me sad and how important it is to cry out all my tears.

I have been in wonder about everything inside myself and around me in the beautiful silence of the third week...

Now I am only looking to what corresponds to what is 'real' and pure. In myself. And what around me nourishes me with this.

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