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Therapeutic Hypnosis:

OSHO® Reminding Yourself of the Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Body/Mind

From the unconsious you can heal your symptom,

stop smoking or leave your eating problem

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self hypnosis, 7 consecutive days

created by Osho, created from a Tibetan method

* 2 evenings in my (Modita's) home

* the 5 last days you do yourself at home, using a CD

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see: data, location and charge of the self hypnosis

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* Healing happens from the Unconscious...

what is needed:

* Kindness to your Body

* Relaxation


Self Hypnosis you can use for example in:

* Migraine

* Pain

* Eating Problems

* Stop Smoking

* Chronic Diseases

* Fatigue

* Cancer

therapeutic hypnosis room

Effects of the Self Hypnosis:

* kindness to your body

* effortless good care of your body

* a better connection with yourself

* new insights about your symptoms

* doing by itself what is good for you

* deep relaxation

* using self hypnosis on whatever happens to you

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