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What is Meditation ?

Osho's words:

Meditation is a state beyond thinking. Meditation is a state of pure consciousness, a consciousness without content.

Normally your consciousness is overloaded by rubbish, similar to a mirror, which is covered by dust. The mind is an uninterrupted traffic flow: thoughts come and go, ambitions come and go - it is one continuous traffic flow, day in day out. Even when you are asleep the mind is at work- this are your dreams. The mind does not know how to stop, it is stirring in your sorrows and your restlessness. It prepares itself already for the day of tomorrow. Unnoticed it thinks ahead of everything.

This is the situation when you are not meditating. Meditation is exactly the opposite. When there is no traffic and the thinking process has stopped - there is no stirring of thoughts, no longing is surfacing, you are totally silent - that silence is meditation. And in that silence you experience truth and never in another way. Meditation is a state beyond thinking.

That state can never be experienced through the mind, because the mind is always turning in its own small circle. You can only experience what meditation is, by putting the mind aside, by assuming a cool, unaffected and non-identified attitude towards the mind, by looking at the mind passing by without identifying with it, by not thinking: that's me.

Meditation is the insight that I am not what is passing by in my head. When this insight penetrates deeper in you, moments will slowly slowly come... moments of clarity, moments in which nothing is stirring in you and everything is silent. In those silent moments you know who you are and you understand the secret of existence.
A day will come, a secret day, on which meditation has become your natural state.

The mind is very unnatural. It will never become your natural state. But meditation is a natural state; a state that we have lost. It is a paradise which we have lost but we can regain this paradise. Look in the eyes of a child, look carefully and you see an immense silence and innocence. Every child comes in the world in a state of meditation but then it has to be initiated into the rules of the society - it has to learn to think, calculate, reason, argue - it has to adopt words, language, concepts. It becomes an efficient instrument. It is not a human being any more.

The only thing you have to do is to find back that space. You have once known that space and when you experience for the first time what meditation is, you will notice to your surprise that a great feeling takes possesion of you, a feeling that you already know what it is. And that feeling is right. You recognise it from long ago. You had lost it. The diamond has disappeared in a pile of rubbish. But if you can clear away that rubbish, you will find it back - it is yours. It can not really have disappeared, it can at the most be forgotten.
We are born in a state of meditation and then learn to live according to the habits of the mind. But our true nature stays present deep inside us as an undercurrent. One day, after digging a little bit, you will notice that the source is still flowing, a source with fresh water. And the biggest joy of your life is to find that source.

Osho, the orange book

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