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Who is Osho

Osho is a mystic, who has discovered the door which opens to living in the timeless dimension of the present, the moment of now.

He has called himself a 'true existentialist' and has dedicated his life to stimulate others to search for the same door, to step out of the world of past and future and to discover for themselves again the world of the present.
Osho himself has described his work often as helping to create the conditions for the birth of a new man.

This new man he has often described as a Zorba the Buddha - someone who is able to enjoy the pleasures of the earth as Zorba the Greek and to enjoy the silence of Gautama the Buddha as well. The leading thread running through his whole work is the vision that includes the timeless wisdom of the East as well as the highest technological and scientific knowlegde of the West.

Also known is his contribution to the science of inner transformation, with a form of meditation which matches the high speed of modern life. His unique active meditations are designed in such a way that first the stored tensions in body and mind can be released, so that it becomes more easy to experience the state of relaxation and thoughtlessness of meditation.

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