OSHO® Mystic Rose

De OSHO® Mystic Rose is a meditative therapy that consists of three week-long stages: Laughing for three hours a day, crying three hours a day, and observing three hours in silence.

This is the most beautiful and deepening process that I know of. A process that opens the heart and releases the smell of the rose of your 'being'. Everyone should do this at least once in their lives. Words fall short, because it is such a pure and wordless process of your heart and your being.

Do you want to know about the OSHO® Mystic Rose? More information can be found in the 63rd episode of my podcast:

De OSHO® Mystic Rose is a meditative therapy by Osho. It is a process that I offer every summer, and that consists of 21 consecutive days of 3 hours a day.

Do you want to know more about the OSHO® Mystic Rose, than you can make an appointment with me for a free and non-commital conversation.

The sessions take place at the beach in the 'Schuttershof' in Domburg.
The address is Kanonweistraat 30, 4357CB Domburg.

Accomodation (for example at one of the campsites nearby) is excluded and has to be arranged by you.

The cost for this three-week program are €600,-.