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Do you miss the life you are longing for?

Do you want your eyes to shine?
Are you longing for peace of mind?
Would you like to improve the connection with yourself?
Do you want insight and healing in the relationship with your partner or with your parents and children

You can (again) start living a full life

I love to share with you the road to the happiness that I found after my life had been blocked for years. That happiness is also possible for you, if you dare to go through the pain towards your being.

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Do you want to look deeper into the roots of blockages that you encounter (such as stress, sleeping problems, depression, eating problems, relationship problems, intense emotions or chronic illnesses)? And do you want to arrive at inner silence and joie de vivre? Then listen to the podcast above.

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During the last twenty years I have been able to guide many people to the prime of their lives

I help you move beyond your problem with two effective tools: Meditation & Family Constellations, and share my life experiences and my expertise as a physician, therapist, meditation counselor & family constellator.

The connection with yourself is essential for joy in your life

I help you to regain your connection with yourself and to live a joyful, inspired life.

If you want to know if my approach resonates with you or if you feel we could click togther, you are welcome for a free consultation.

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Dear Modita, Your have a beautiful offer of products ('tools') for people, to be able to heal themselves and each other. How 'practising' can you be as a doctor, serving human beings and their wellbeing! But one with both feet grounded in the Earth...
- Ashirda Oosterlee