About Modita van Zummeren

During my depression, I thought that I would never be well again. The therapy, workshops and trainings that I followed had no lasting results. And then, after having done many therapies, workshops and meditations, I gained profound insights that lifted me out of my depression and my eating disorders.

An unbelievable amount of joy and energy where now at my disposal. I let me fell with my belly on the ground, embraced the earth, and decided to share everything that helped me to live fully again.

Everything I want to share can be found on the ‘what I offer’ page of my website, in my book about depression, and by listening to the episodes of my podcast 'From Pain to Being', and my posts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

I use everything I know: my own life experience, my experience in facilitating meditations, and my skills as a medical doctor. But above all I want to meet you as you are, without any preconceived ideas, plans or theories, helping you to tap into your own potential.

I feel Modita's guidance is very good. She is so natural, she doesn't seem superior or inferior. This works very well for me, and you can always approach her for questions. I dare to sink into my feelings because it feels safe with Modita.

- Ria